V. Diane Freeman
Chief Executive Officer

V. Diane Freeman is a highly accomplished leader with a distinguished career in the automotive industry and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Diane led and directed global purchasing teams across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. At General Motors (GM), she was responsible for purchasing $1.9 billions of dollars of products and services from global companies around the world. This experience provided invaluable insights into the complexities of supplier relationships and the strategic importance of Supplier Diversity in meeting compliance requirements and aligning with company goals.

Diane served in various executive roles at General Motors (GM), where she was responsible for advancing Supplier Diversity initiatives and fostering inclusive procurement practices within the organization. She has distinguished herself as an expert in Supplier Diversity, where she administered and monitored annual procurement of nearly $7 billion in goods and services from more than 600 direct and indirect minority suppliers, one of the largest programs in the automotive industry. She played a pivotal role in championing Supplier Diversity initiatives, making a significant impact in promoting inclusive procurement practices including starting GM’s first Women’s Program.

Diane was Vice-President and Secretary to Motor’s Enterprise, Inc. (MEI), a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, responsible for evaluating and approving funding and loans to GM minority suppliers. She also served as a GM executive, officer and director to many non-profit organizations. Her contributions for fostering diverse supplier partnerships and driving innovation were recognized through numerous awards and accolades for national and local outstanding leadership and service.

In addition to her tenure at GM, Diane also served as Vice President of Strategic Development & Initiatives at GAA Manufacturing and Supply Chain, a minority-owned firm. In this capacity, she led the Senior Leadership Team in shaping the strategic vision and executing initiatives that not only expanded GAA's footprint but also attracted new customers, resulting in an increase in the company's revenue. This unique experience equips her with a comprehensive understanding and the ability to facilitate both sides of the Supplier Diversity landscape.

As the CEO of Ferguson Manning Associates, she continues to advocate for Supplier Diversity and works closely with organizations to implement effective diversity strategies.  Diane has continued her mission to empower businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and other underrepresented groups. Through her expertise, she has helped numerous organizations establish successful Supplier Diversity programs, resulting in tangible business benefits and positive social impact.

Diane earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, a Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Minority Business Certificate and a Cornell University Women's Entrepreneurship Program Certificate.

She has two daughters: Dione M. Freeman, an author and Kenisha J. Manning, D.D.S.