At Ferguson Manning Associates, we firmly believe that fostering a collaborative approach is key to achieving impactful Supplier Diversity Inclusion. Our commitment to this principle is exemplified through our partnerships with organizations and professionals who share our vision. These collaborations significantly enhance our capacity to deliver comprehensive Supplier Diversity solutions. We are proud to work alongside:


Augie Gray Drake: A full-service strategic communications firm that’s motivated by the wide variety of client relationships they have built and the unique challenges they bring. Our partnership with Augie Gray Drake helps us to effectively communicate the value of Supplier Diversity to a broader audience. Their expertise in strategic messaging and client engagement bolsters our efforts to advocate for diversity and inclusion.


TR3 Studios: Renowned for their proficiency in website design, graphic design, branding, and logo creation, TR3 Studios ensures our message is communicated with visual impact. They support us in creating appealing digital platforms and materials that convey the significance of Supplier Diversity Inclusion.


West Virginia Radio Corporation-WVRC and Pikewood Media Group: Our partnership with WVRC and Pikewood Media Group ensures that our message reaches a broad and diverse audience. These marketing and audio/radio network professionals amplify our outreach efforts, fostering wider community engagement.