Our founder, V. Diane Freeman, a former executive at General Motors, has directed and led global purchasing teams across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, overseeing billions of dollars in procurement. This international exposure equips us with a deep understanding of global supply chain dynamics and the intricacies of supplier relationships. 

Our consultants have a proven track record of working with diverse suppliers and corporate entities in industries ranging from automotive and energy to higher education and healthcare. This diverse industry experience allows us to offer insights and strategies that are both innovative and effective.  At Ferguson Manning Associates, we are known for our client-centric approach. We have a diverse team of experts, who work collaboratively to address the unique challenges faced by each customer. Our services span a wide spectrum, encompassing Supplier Diversity, Program Development, Training, Economic Impact, and more.

We approach Supplier Diversity as a strategic imperative, aligning our solutions with your overall business strategy. By understanding your organizational goals, market trends, and industry challenges, we craft holistic strategies that drive growth, increase competitiveness, and enhance your corporate reputation.  As fervent advocates for Supplier Diversity education, we have developed and conducted numerous workshops, seminars, and training sessions. Our commitment to knowledge sharing ensures that both corporate leaders and diverse suppliers are equipped with the tools needed to succeed in Supplier Diversity endeavors. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with diverse suppliers, corporate leaders, universities, industry associations, and community organizations. These partnerships enable us to create synergies that amplify the impact of Supplier Diversity. Our focus is on translating Supplier Diversity efforts into tangible outcomes, whether that's increased revenue for diverse suppliers or a strengthened supply chain for corporations. Our collective knowledge, strategic insights, and collaborative approach set us apart, making us the ideal ally to guide your organization to Supplier Diversity success.